Testimonials from Students

Happy Students’ Kind Words

“Niki the teacher was fantastic. Funny, knowledgable and offered some great painting tips and tricks.”

“Niki was great and entertaining!”

“The instructor! She was really funny, made the event fun, was organized, helpful and an all around great, great person!!! Loved her!!!”

“Niki always leads a fun night.”

“Great fun time. Niki was great!”

“The paint night was amazing. She was fun and made everyone feel comfortable. I would go to any paint event with Niki teaching.”

“The teacher Niki was fantastic, my painting so good thanks to her great instructions!!!!! Can’t wait for the next one.”

“The teacher was extremely fun and engaging and helpful! “

“Our artist was hilarious!”

“The instructor, Niki, was by far the best part of the event. She was funny and knowledgable, quick on her feet and set a good pace for the evening. She was very entertaining and made the evening feel like a party in addition to offering some great, simple art tips.”

“The best part was the painting and the artist was really helpful.”